2003 June 3    updated 2007 12 02

Announcing a new solution by NCAD. Let us call this NacTax 

condensation of:


National Accounting and real-time Tax computation.

Trade name matters

NacTax Features

Current implementation integrating these tax forms:

With this technology, anything can be integrated with anything.

Please let us know if you would like to consider some options "outside the box".

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John Randall Schmidt, M.S., President
NCAD Corporation

BackGrounder / Confessional

If we have talked much you have probably heard my non-fond sentiments about the state of taxation from the standpoint of the small business owner. What an incredible *%^)!!(## mess !!!!!!        Truly unbelievable !

NCAD is in its 15th year of operation, since our birth in October, 1988. But business operations by this author really began 11 years earlier in August of 1977. That is when i purchased a small home for 15K and started a business remodeling homes and offices in Greater Cincinnati.  The success of that initial enterprise enabled the 10K capitalization start of NCAD.  So i have been responsible for business accounting for 26 years, each year confronting, delaying, anguishing and not believing the burden placed on me by an insane variety of blood-sucking forms, computations, instructions, and inter-relations.

Government is necessary.  I am devoting my life to make it better.  Taxation is necessary.  It simply need not be ridiculous.

It is absolutely amazing that politicians continue the undying tradition of lip service featuring "tax reform", apparently completely blind to the reality of the business owner on which converges (in my case) 12 separate accounts -- 4 Federal, 5 state, 3 county, and 2 city offices, each apparently oblivious to conventions imposed by others. Why is there any wonder the economy cannot get started????

I have voiced my solution to deaf ears, to people who accept taxes like death and dare not question authority. Nevertheless it is my life goal to accomplish the rebirth of the human on Earth, achieving true TAX REFORM >>  In essence:

1. Every transaction is public, available by iNternet.

2. Every transaction is taxed, ONCE, by the Fed. A national sales tax.

3. Non-Federal government entities, hierarchically more local to the citizen, compete for consensus to their portion of the resulting national pot.

4. That's it. Each government develops a plan for government and convenes with peer governments to tweak the default proportional allocation of dollars, achieving the best result for the whole while protecting each citizen comprising the whole.

RealTime simple, both in execution and auditing.

When you spend a dollar, you pay the tax. The tax collector is the recipient of the dollar.  That collector, as is now the case nationally with few exceptions, simply adds up the revenues and allocates to the government what is tax. The IRS, using the iNternet is the Auditor.

No other accounting is needed.

The business or person may ELECT to do, or pay accountants to do, private accounting for purposes benefiting the person and the enterprise. Government, we appreciate what you do that we cannot do, but damnit, the old legacy taxation system is ready for the waste can of time's arrow.  It's time for a new formula for nation-wide taxation finally enabling... a better world.

In the meantime, consider NacTax --  the surprisingly revolutionary stop-gap measure.  Thank you for your enquiry.