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2010 Aug 23

NCAD is the most enduring brand in the Personal Computing industry.

Preceding the advent of the hp pc and the Dell pc, NCAD computing endures the IBM pc.

As a brand, NCAD stands for service.  Details below.


Initially, the term NCAD arose from the expression Network Computer Aided Design.

Currently, NCAD reflects:  Network Communications Advancing goodDevelopment


The NCAD mission to serve our community/world early on

broadened from design  to  secure knowledge management,

especially related to modeling our world -- activity conventionally tagged GIS,

conventionally Geographic Information Systems.

We prefer:  Geospatial Integrative Service.


NCAD led the transformation of GIS by GPS, Global Positioning System, in 1996

first clarifying the technical comparison among the high-end dual-frequency receivers;

then establishing CORS Erla, first:

    (1)   privately-sponsored CORS, Continuously Operating Reference Station;

    (2)   CORS serving the interior Eastern United States, most U.S. citizens.

    (3)  most stable GPS CORS Reference in the U.S.

    (4)   demonstrating improved GPS 2000 May when U.S. turned off Selective Availability.


NCAD is leading the computing industry, introducing the first Intel server supporting

TXT, Trusted Execution Technology, the revolutionary new paradigm supporting

absolutely secure separation between the private operating domain and public internet.

This 2010 Aug roll out in Northern Kentucky, based on the Intel Safer Computing Initiative,

represents the first Intel support of an unlimited number of secure server domains

securing government and business operations from attacks via the public internet.


NCAD continues innovation based on the emerging synergy between Intel and Cisco,

accelerated by Intel’s 2010 Safer Computing Initiative and most recent purchase of McAfee.

Cisco Unified Communications is the global leader facilitating secure digital communications.

NCAD john is Cisco Select Certified Small Business Communications System Engineer,

enabling government and business to immediately enjoy lower monthly operating expense

while benefitting from advanced Cisco digital communications with alliances and those they serve.


2008 04 21

NCAD  Corporation is a private corporation, established in 1989, providing services to improve your life, your organization and our world.  We provide complete computer and network engineering services for organizations, including business, government, and professionals engaged in modeling, design, and management of our developing world.  Our Web offers a glimpse of our capabilities and offerings.  Here is a partial list of services you can depend on from NCAD:

Complete Integration Services, including:

Specific Expertise:

"Wintel" Hardware Engineering and Design

Cisco Secure Networking and Unified Communications

Microsoft Operating Systems and Applications

AutoCAD-based technology     CAD

Geospatial Integrative Service  GIS

Knowledge Engineering / Management

Satellite Positioning Systems   GPS

Microsoft Excel Accounting Solutions

NCAD is a registered trademark and service mark of NCAD Corporation.

The name arose from the expression:  Network Computer Aided Design.

Since formation, our mission has evolved from implementing CAD and GIS, to

complete service for the individual, organization, and world

Thank you, sincerely, for your benevolent enquiry.  We look forward to hearing from you. Click here for contact information