ESRI Legacy Software

A new user may spend nothing to obtain a full, working copy of ArcExplorer™, a product released in 1997 November and updated to Versions 2.0 (Windows) and 3.0 (Java) in 2000. It provides no-cost, easy access to all data formats produced by ESRI.

BusinessMap® PRO includes a rich dataset.

ArcView® GIS 3.3 remains available supporting the de facto standard shapefile format, including world-wide and nationwide datasets in the box. Version 3.3 supports improved data along with incremental enhancements to the software. With editing tools both for attribute and graphic data, ArcView GIS is a sufficient GIS tool for most small GIS projects. ArcView, while complete as a stand-alone, general-purpose GIS, is also a substantial base supporting additional analytic capability, when required, in the form of (Legacy) ArcView Extensions.

PC ARC/INFO®is a stand-alone product for digitizing or generating map elements. The lower cost Data Automation Kit (DAK) is a subset of PC ARC/INFO especially suited for digitizing and data conversions.

MapObjects® 2.0 supports the development of products by users comfortable with programming in languages like Visual Basic and C++.