UNAVCO, founded in 1984 and based in Boulder, CO, is an organization of Universities focused on GPS and applications, in part funded by the National Science Foundation.  In November 1995 a report was published by UNAVCO detailing results of rigorous testing of the five most capable GPS receivers:  Ashtech Z-12, Trimble SSI, Leica SR399, and Allen Osborne Associates:  Turborogue and Rascal.  The report, though quite substantive and timely, was poorly written and not easy to summarize. NCAD carefully analyzed the report using a consistent method of normalizing results from each reported observation, then tabulated the results in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet comprising the NCAD "UNAVCO Report Summary".


Note: NCAD is in no way affiliated with UNAVCO.

If you have the capability to read Microsoft Excel 5.0 or higher, you may click on the following line to open the Summary of the UNAVCO Report.

UNAVCO Report Summary

The full report may be downloaded from UNAVCO (www.unavco.org).