2006 09 05

Special Sale

RTK NTRIP-ready dual-frequency GPS

Spectra Precision was purchased by Trimble in 2000.  These two SP receivers use two generations of the Ashtech Z12 engine that continues to power Erla.

L1, C/A Code and full cycle carrier

L1, P Code / Z-tracking and full cycle carrier

L2, P Code / Z-tracking and full cycle carrier

After simple configuration, both equally provide automated recording of observations on removable PC cards.  Post-processing, static horizontal survey accuracy, pre-SA, and pre-WAAS is 5mm + 1ppm.

PCcard memory means stable, expandable, flexible management and rapid transfers.

Flexible power management from vehicle or common, low-cost 12v batteries, 10w.

Pac Crest RFM96W 2w UHF 450-470MHz radio receiver pair enable field-based RTK.

NTRIP protocol enables internet-transmitted RTK corrections wherever cell-phone connections permit

Physical:  4.3lb  8x8x3" 

Complete field solution includes tripods and antennas:

1.  Geodetic L1/L2 with 14" Ground Plane

2.  Compact L1/L2  5.5"

Complete training provided, including single-receiver NTRIP mode or 2-receiver baseline mode.

Please call for details.  859-727-9999