98 mar 18

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Erlanger CORS is most stable, nationwide

Erlanger, KY, 98 feb 02: NCAD continues operation of "Erla", a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) for general use as part of the CORS Program administered by the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) www.ngs.noaa.gov/CORS.

Global Positioning System (GPS) data collected by this CORS site, Erla, is available via the Internet from NGS or from NCAD. Erla, established in 1996, has been joined by two new CORS sites: (1) Galb is operated by MSD of Cincinnati on Galbraith Road; (2) Lou1 is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, based near Louisville, and is transmitting the beacon signal enabling radio reception of real-time corrections.

A study completed in Jan 98 by NGS analyst Richard Snay, Ph.D., discovered that the Erla position is most stable among all other (110) CORS sites, nationwide. Vertical rms repeatability at Erla is +/-5.5mm (< 1/4"); other sites are clustered around 19mm (3/4"). Erla utilizes the known best receiver and antenna mounted securely on a century-old masonry structure founded on a broad summit of Northern Kentucky.

The Global Positioning System, including 24 continuously-orbiting satellite vehicles, is the result of a multi-billion-dollar investment by the Department of Defense. The March, 1996, Presidential Decision Directive provides the guarantee of expanding use by civilians of a utility primarily serving defense purposes. Civilian uses include aviation and in-vehicular mapping and navigation, surveying, Geographic Information Systems, and recreational uses such as boating and scouting. With the local CORS, a single "rover" receiver costing less than $8,000 may obtain positional accuracy less than 4". A more expensive "rover" receiver may obtain sub-centimeter accuracy.

NCAD is a private corporation committed to public service providing complete computer solutions for modeling, design, and information management of our developing world. Established in 1989, NCAD relocated to Erlanger, Kentucky on 96 Jul 1 after seven years in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Now with 3 local CORS, tri-state users of GPS are provided redundant protection for high-precision geodetic surveys and, with a radio beacon receiver, obtain 1 meter accuracy in real-time. GPS enables consistent accuracy in constructing Geographic Information Systems which facilitate development and enable lower cost of managing property and infrastructure such as roads, sewers, and water distribution." ...John Schmidt, M.S., president of NCAD Corporation, member of Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors, Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, American Society of Civil Engineers, the Institute of Navigation, and the Chambers of Commerce of Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.