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some will confess aversion to Physics, and more so - Math.
Let us see past the illusion of difficulty.
Let us start simple.
It all began with
our science is so good that
the history of our world
subsequent to BANG
is accurately modeled
according to timeless
Laws of Nature = GOD
via science we see
back in time
inside us.
we BANG.
i am GOD
u r GOD.


we Live !



Laws of Nature = GOD

in particular:

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

aka Energy Law

(simplified by Einstein e = mc2).


BANG is the origin of our known universe.

at initial BANG (we cannot get at 0 BANG, only shortly thereafter  0.001.)

At 0 BANG all universe was all energy and no mass.

Shortly thereafter, epiphanous Energy (hot and dense - initially the point on a needle) degraded to mass in an evolving explosion of mass on which we ride Earth warmed by a burning ember SUN = BANG = GOD.

The First Law of Thermodynamics

At 0 BANG all universe was all energy and no mass.

Subsequently the sum of mass and energy is constant and is not increased.  But it constantly declines in our view according to:

Energy Law

If something happens, there is more heat.

heat is least ordered form of energy/mass

and dissipates into the cosmic cold.

This represents a loss to our world as it radiates out from this point on earth into the unimaginable infinite space in which occured BANG.