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                             Pathway to Peace  science of religion

fundamental dialectic


The foundation for most human activity, inchoate or not, is religion.  Religion includes:

(1) understanding of world, worldview;

(2) understanding of GOD and/or understanding of the unknowable;

(3) understanding of civility, that is, the guide for interacting with others.

The final solution for peace on earth is resolution of our difficult legacy of tribalism appertaining to religion.  In my 2001 article, we celebrate the two necessary accomplishments in our endeavor to achieve global civility: common understanding of:  time, and space.  

The epochal race by humans is to achieve effective critical mass global civility prior to uneducated/renegade/accidental self-destruction.  Critical mass refers to the number of humans in position of leadership who have adopted the successful global citizen mind, based on, at the highest level, and not denying tribal heritage, common worldview (Weltanschauung) / universal religion, Ur

Currently, for most, this Universal religion, Ur, is (any of):

1. not known or apparent.

2. understood short of adoption.

3. rejected because it is "religion" or refers to "GOD".

4. perceived to threaten one's tribal allegiance, denying an evolved step forward.

5. in any case, not evidently prevalent (without your help).


Wishing greater prevalence of Ur, here are 8 concepts, albeit requiring elaboration, preparing for the tenets of Ur, which then follow.


1. To the extent religion is worldview, and appreciating our evolving worldview, from Psalm 19, through Ptolemy(0160) (enduring 1400 years!), Copernicus(1543), Kepler(1631), Darwin(1859), Einstein, and Hawking, verifiable science informs and is part of our worldview / religion.  There has persisted no conflict between science and religion, only imperfections observed in each. (e.g.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7021358.stm)


2. Entropy - The ever increasing degradation of more-ordered (mass+energy), into heat.  Heat being the least-ordered, least usable form of (mass+energy), dissipating into the infinite void.

3. Event - An interval of increase in time since the BigBang.

4. First Law of Thermodynamics - Subsequent to BigBang, within any defined system, such as our Universe, the sum of total (mass + energy), related by e=Mc˛, cannot be increased; and is decreased only by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

5. Second Law of Thermodynamics - For any event in the Universe, there is increased entropy, and decreased total (mass + energy).

6. Third Law of Thermodynamics - The Universe will never be entirely dead, though approach complete death asymptotically.

7. Asymptotically - The value of a function, in this case temperature, approaching a target value, in this case 0°K (mass + energy = 0), without ever reaching the target value, while coming increasingly close, in this case, as time increases.

8. my Soul - The sum of all mental models of me by others, during my life, and after.



Universal religion

While we cannot fathom the presumed context of infinite void, GOD.0,

in the Beginning, to which science can trace, within GOD.0

occurred the BIG BANG. GOD !!  (call it what u will)

more precisely, GOD.1 - the stuff of the Universe (mass + energy)

and (basis for First Law of Thermodynamics).


14 billion years later, the explosion continues, reliably

following The Second Law of Thermodynamics, GOD.2.

Within the explosion, Sun is our nearest chunk of GOD.1.


4.6 billion years ago, our mother Earth was formed,

a cooling, aggregate ember of GOD.1.


3 billion years ago, on Earth, arose Life, GOD.3.

Life is fathomably complex, fascinating, perhaps limitlessly knowable,

consistent with, and a temporary anomaly within GOD.2.

From Life arises love, GOD.4.

Love is GOD. GOD is Love.

My {family, lovedOnes, community} is my closest contact with GOD.

My love, GOD.4, seeks to facilitate Life, GOD.3 for All.3 (Gaia)


Interestingly, with regard to Life,

it is the case that GOD.2 = Evil !

GOD is All.n. GOD.n (including Evil !)

Evil, GOD.2, leads us to death.

With certainty, all living cells/individuals die -

according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The reverse of  E V I L    is   L I V E !!

Dancing, the opposite of death, is Good. Smoking is Evil.

That which degrades the bearer of Life (e.g. pornography) is Evil.

Evil is sometimes direct, as in 9/11, or Katrina,

oft-called (correctly) “acts of GOD”, more precisely:  GOD.2,

and often subtly indirect, like gambling, SandyHook, ISIL...

but always a consequence of The Second Law, GOD.2.


For Life to arise, and thrive,

it is necessary to isolate/protect Life from the impact of The Second Law.

The cell membrane is the common method of isolation and basis for all life.

Life's cells, singly, or in colonies, can protect Life from GOD.2,

increasingly well, by evolution. But eventually,

cells die, according to GOD.2.


where is the hope?  We have plenty of Time!

GOD.5 is religion.

Religion is the formulation / story we develop,

at each age our best effort, that guides our actions

in defense against the Second Law of Thermodynamics - GOD.2.

Science informs religion enabling constructive evolution

of religion - our guiding story.

for what do i live?   my soul !   

i live to love !  i love to live

for a better world !!



GIS, Geospatial Integrative Service, is one medium of our scientific worldview.

The basis of GIS is a model of earth, or some portion, we construct on computers.

This is an example of the power of homo sapiens, by way of brain and hands, to

construct models of our world on which we act hopefully ever more constructively.


My foci are:   Universal religion, GIS, Design, and Communications.


The Tower of Babel remains the most telling story

describing our legacy of tribalism/parochialism.

While we are one on Earth as homo sapiens,

locality and legacy claims are the challenge to adoption of Ur,

and language variations are the ground-level barriers to which we must attend.

Fortunately, electronic facilitation and education (example) offer us hope for Peace!


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fundamental dialectic