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2006 08 15

At the annual Kentucky GIS Conference, on 2006 07 19, in Northern Kentucky, john r. schmidt, M.S. presented a powerpoint entitled " GIS   religion ? ". 

The work in progress is currently a 7M ppt file comprising 74 slides.  Here is an "executive summary".

After a brief review noting the dearth of work on "GIS of religion" (just google that phrase), we embark on the primordial history of world formation and subsequent history of world view formation by humans -- evolving world view.

At the base of this investigation is the emergence of monotheism, in parallel, on both sides of the Nile river.  The common root of "western" civilization is thought to be Babylon/Mesopotamia.  (This study, with more research, will attempt to address also the Chinese emergence of astronomical world view. One author notes: "The Chinese did not try to explain or understand their sightings.")

So, our initial focus is the development of methods west of the Nile leading to the world view defined in the model of Ptolemy around year 130. This imperfect model, with a spherical earth at the center of "the Heavens" (the province of "GOD"), served well enough for a surprising 1400 years, enabling the celebrated voyage of Columbus.  Events leading to publication, at death, by Nicholas Copernicus in 1543 represent a fascinating story involving the broad human dimensions of religion as it arose east of the Nile, and science, west of the Nile.

As finally perfected by Johannes Kepler in 1627, our current model of the universe increasingly enables wider explorations from Earth, confirming basic laws that perhaps enable a corresponding refinement of our evolving world view relative to GOD.  GIS is an expression of our world view.  A good GIS is GOD's view.

Humankind has accomplished acceptance of time as a global standard. Most of us are converging on a global standard model of space.

While the Tower of Babel analogy is perhaps applicable, let me suggest that if, as Jack says, "geography brings us together", the legacy of un-connected localities is the basis of our divergence and current contentions.

With the simple suggestion that world peace will emerge with a common understanding of GOD, beyond our difficult legacy of parochialism, here are some definitions and suggested clarifications facilitating our pursuit:


Entropy The ever increasing degradation of (mass+energy), as heat is dissipated there from.

Event. An interval of increase in time since the BigBang.

First Law of Thermodynamics

Subsequent to BigBang, within any defined system,

the sum of total (mass + energy), related by e=Mc, cannot be increased;

and is decreased only by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Second Law of Thermodynamics

For any event in the Universe, there is increased entropy,

and decreased total (mass + energy).

Third Law of Thermodynamics

The Universe will never be entirely dead, though approach complete death asymptotically.


Asymptotically The value of a function, in this case temperature, approaching a value,

in this case 0K, without ever reaching the target value, while coming increasingly close.


While we cannot fathom the presumed context of infinite void, GOD.0,

in the Beginning, to which science can trace,

occurred the BIG BANG. GOD !!

more precisely, GOD.1 (basis for First Law of Thermodynamics).


14,000,000,000 years later, the explosion continues,

following The Second Law of Thermodynamics, GOD.2.

Within the explosion, Sun is our nearest chunk of GOD.1

4,600,000,000 years ago, our mother Earth was formed,

a cooling, aggregate ember of GOD.1.

1,000,000,000 years ago, on Earth, arose Life, GOD.3.

Life is fathomably complex, fascinating, knowable, and

a temporary anomaly within GOD.2

From Life arises Love, GOD.4.

Love is GOD. GOD is Love.

My (wife, family, and community) is my closest contact with GOD.

My Love, GOD.4, seeks to facilitate Life, GOD.3 for all.


Interestingly, with regard to Life,

it is the case that GOD.2 = Evil !

GOD is All. GOD.n (including Evil !)


Evil, GOD.2, leads us to death.


Dancing is Good. Smoking is Evil.

(That which degrades the bearer of Life (e.g. pornography) is Evil.

Evil is sometimes direct, as in 9/11, or Katrina,

and often subtly indirect, such as lures to buy or gamble;

but always a consequence of

The Second Law.


For Life to arise, and thrive,

it is necessary to isolate Life from the impact of

The Second Law.

We can do that increasingly well, but eventually,

we die, faithful to GOD.2.


where is the hope?

for what do i live?

my soul ! i love to live. i live to love !

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