GIS Day 2003 

Welcome Todd Ulrich, Founder of Worldfx, Inc.
maker of the 16' Earth replica crowning ESRI's exhibit at the User Conferences this year and last. With installations at NASA, USGS, and similar Earth-oriented organizations all over the world, WorldFx is exhibiting at NCAD for GIS Day 2003: two 4' satellite imagery Earth replicas, one with and one without clouds.
Also on display are Earth models produced by Solid Terrain Modeling, CA.
And Todd will preview GeoFusion's jaw-dropping Earth visualization software, the technology behind ESRI's forthcoming ArcGIS Release 9 ArcGlobe.

John Schmidt, M.S., NCAD President
Announcing and Demonstrating
a new First by
First CORS outside Southern California
providing Real-Time dual-frequency RTCM corrections over the Internet,
freely available to any Internet user.
Connect by DSL, by dial-up, or by cell phone -- we will demonstrate all 3 methods.

Your GPS rover receiver uses the corrections to achieve position accuracies up to 1" -- in Real-Time!!
See the points appear on the map, one each second -- 95% within a 1" circle,

using ArcGIS 8.3, ArcView 3.3, and Delorme Street Atlas 2003 --
all running simultaneously on:

1. HP Compaq Evo N800w P4-2.2GHz notebook with Bluetooth connection to cell phone Internet

2. NCAD P4-3.0GHz workstation with 1G RAM, GigEthernet, serial ATA 10,000rpm, and ATI Radeon 9600.

featuring also:
Office 2003
InfoPath 2003
OneNote 2003
Outlook 2003

Open House at NCAD
Wednesday, November 19
11:00am - 7:00pm


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