2013 08 06

Exploring dell.com for workstation, check the first 3 boxes:  w7pro, 4gi7, 12G+ >>

the next category is formFactor; all options are grayedOut.  oops, backUp -- maybe hi-end is for 8ers?

OK, go with 8G; then formFactor does not include smallTower, which is what i need for a full-size ATX computer mainboard, ie the z8.

OK, we'll compromise and go with supposed mini-ATX in a miniTower... well that commits us to a big, slow 1T HD, when we store our files on the server and only want a small, fast hd, like SSD.  Not an option.  OK, we'll eat the big dog...Maybe an UPgrade.

next - optical.  Us lowLife 7guys don't qualify for blueRay.  ohWell... Maybe and UPgrade!

the premium result is the T1700 miniTower workstation.  choose that:

dell:    4700 psr -     95w  3.1 - 3.9GHz       smell that coal

    mainboard: made by?  spec? features? slots? memoryMatters? i/o? Network? connectors? SATA? ...

    8G RAM in (2) 4G DIMMs filling half your memory slots with throw-aways;  maybe you can UPgrade!

    Video  - 1 GB NVIDIAŽ QuadroŽ K600  -  but i dont want/need that!

    $  about the same or more

NCAD:  4700T psr - 45w  2.5 - 3.7GHz  5-5% less headroom, 40% quieter/eco-nomical$energy savings.

    mainboard: DZ87KLT-75K

    8G RAM in (1) 8G DIMM / or (2) 8G for dual-channel realization; on the way to max 32G -- headroom.

    Video  -  intel 4600 HD graphics on i7 psr -- all i need for all i do / even supporting 3D realtime video.

    $  about the same or less

    support    unblemished record over 23 years.


2007 09 13

NCAD Corporation began shipping NCAD computers before Dell changed its name from PCs Limited http://blog.fastcompany.com/archives/2006/01/, and before hp even considered a Windows PC.  IBM sold out to (Chinese) Lenovo.

Back in April, at dell.com, i configured a workstation, which model appeared in a review to be the leading performer.  Dell XPS customization did not allow me to choose:  800MHz memory, nor Office Professional. I was stuck with a way-over capacity (noisy) 750w power supply with no technical specs. There were no specs on the mainboard, the primary component of a computer. The price: $2200, providing no extra warranty nor support.

In March, NCAD delivered a better, faster, quieter PC, built with a fully spec'd, 3-year-warranty Intel mainboard, with 800MHz memory, Office Professional, and a well-specified, properly-sized, quiet power supply. The price $1900. This does not include the fact that with NCAD (more enduring than any other PC name), your PC is not pre-loaded with crap. With NCAD, you get clean, intel computing; you do not have to buy customer support.  With NCAD, you have the world's most knowledgeable Master of Science computer engineer at your service when needed.

Last month, we shipped the NCAD g33q6600.  We never stop perfecting the science.

Keep your money here, or send your money to Texas / China ?