15 01 03

 intel  ceo Brian Krzanich, at CES, grandMastered a series of demonstrations of capabilities arising this year, empowered by new gen5 core processors -  i7 in q2; i5 and i3 available now.

RealSense technology obtains from modular sensors, e.g. on/around the display, that convey user status - expressions and verbal/handsFree commands - driving the computer hosting the intelligent software.

3d bicameral grasp of user position and motions in realTime were demonstrated by holographic representation of the virtual keyboard played by the user's hands  producing the audio output from the virtual piano appearing merged outside of the the 3d screen - by software from intel partner zSpace.com.

"immersive computing" creates a virtual reality in which you may experience and operate; supposedly what folks do with xBox and the like, but now with engineering granularity; the 5g i7 will move 3d voxels with the speed of present flows of 2d pixels.

hp's aussi chief introduced the highest-performance multiJet fusion 3d printer, at 20μ accuracy -  powered by 5g core i7. 

a fluid 2-way path via virtual imaging; the model may be captured by laser scanning - for 3d copy/edit; or created in AutoCAD, closing the loop by output to physical result - which may be a cast for steel.

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