2005 Aug 18

2005 July 21 -- The NCAD Workstation with dual core processing, ATA/300 drives, 667MHz memory and GMA 950 graphics.  Now, tested and proven with Windows XPpro x64 and:  Autodesk 2006 LDD and Civil 3D, and ESRI ArcGIS 9.1.  Joy ride!

NCAD began in 1988 with a focus on Computer Aided Design.  The NCAD mission is to optimize the benefit of CAD for all related to the CAD process, including the end User of the design! Our approach is holistic and multi-dimensional. Here are some dimensions of the CAD process:

CAD depends on the platform including the Computer and the operating system. The NCAD Workstation realizes the most integrated, mainstream assembly of Intel-based core components, extended by judicious selections from the finest producers of graphics and storage, completing the best value in a reliable, enduring, extendible base.  We advise the most robust performance and lowest total cost of ownership is obtained with Microsoft Windows  XP x64 operating system.

The N stands for many dimensions of the total result. The following come to mind:

Network, iNtegration, hoNesty, uNderstanding, iNternet, kNowledge, eNabling, New technology ...

While we marvel at the power of CAD, we are more interested in the benefits of communicating CAD, enabling the CAD process to be shared with the world.  Networking CAD facilitates input from the many people ultimately impacted by the design, and enables the synergy derived from the multi-specialty collaboration that optimizes the design result.

Computer Assisted Design increasingly occurs in the context of the larger world. That is, the boundary "containing" the design process is expanding and becoming more porous. While this potentially anarchic expansion is facilitated by Networking, including the iNternet ("the N"), paradoxically, this same medium supports the centralization of the design process in the form of web-based project management.  In fact, centralization is the keystone of de-centralization!!  Once we can depend on a common center representing the current design, more are invited to make contributions.

For asset management, the design result, when updated, "As-Built", becomes the base upon which is built the information system related to the asset. This asset is also a component in the Whole, some portion of which is modeled as the Geographic Information System.  Ultimately there is one global GIS representing all knowledge about all things. Our internet connection allows us to add to and query from this ever-growing Information System.