2012 Jan 10            Republican Candidates

2011 01 16    No Jon, 3rd place is not a ticket to ride.  Opportunity to serve squandered.

Final stretch:  Establishment v Anti-Establishment.


Ronald Ernest Paul, 1935 Aug 20, not an orator, needs to become a globalist; trustworthy U.S. Treasurer.

Willard Mitt Romney, 1947 Mar 12, may make a fine Secretary of Commerce, but cannot Lead the required reformation of the SEC et al (Wall St);  and will only antagonize global relations.  However, his father, who tragically lost in 1968 to R.Nixon, may represent the Steve Jobs of his time.  And baby Mitt has studied multiple political failures within his Michigan family:  aunt, mom and older bro.

Newton Leroy GingRich, 1947 June 17, makes a good advisor, but 3rd time is not the charm.

James Richard Perry, 1950 Mar 4, may be a helluva fine Texan.

Michelle Marie Bachmann, 1956 Apr 6, needs to advance her religion beyond fundamentalism.  (The Bible is an important compendium of stories, ever more illuminated by GOD via evolutionary hermeneutics.)  Further, she must adopt restraint, while endeavoring beyond magical hermeneutics on un-researched matters.  Package not complete.

Richard John Santorum, 1958 May 10, needs to become a scientist, easing his discomforting uncertainty.

It appears Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr., 1960 March 26, gets it.  Best SoS.  From Iowa, he is a long shot.   Newer, western edition of the silver-spooned Mormon son Romney, Huntsman may find his voice by 2016.  Ask Rob Portman who might have noticed some tracks Huntsman left 2001-3 as Deputy U.S. Trade Representative: Portman served the same W.Bush as Chief U.S. Trade Representative 2005-6.  Watch Manchester, NH Dec 12 debate with Newt.  Substance.


Who offers the best alternative to President Obama?  Ron Paul provides the necessary discontinuity from rule by establishment; an establishment driving the global boat to capsize on Italian rock, while the skipper protects himSelf.


Dr. Paul's following may provide the corrective influence overcoming his anachronistic view of our shared living Earth.  Noone can "own" property on Mother Earth, as we now realize

that we humans represent a cancer upon her

and must act boldly humble to be the solution,

or blindly contribute to her (our) demise.


"Enjoy this peace GOD hath me tend." -(2011)

"Enjoy this piece GOD lets me tend."  -(1976) john schmidt, 1950 Sep 19