2006 Aug 2  Enquirer Today's opinion maker, Henry Paulson, U.S. Treasury secretary, regarding the social security system, also approximates my long-standing modus operandi:

"I have always tried to live by the philosophy that when there is a big problem that needs fixing, you should run toward it, rather than away from it"


2005 March 15

is not entirely acceptable.
The current state-based arrangement is untenably un-balanced.
Regulate gambling at the Federal level.
Allocate revenue to government proportionate to contributions by Citizens there from.
One shall not be enabled to demoralize and de-finance one's neighbors,
even if the tired marketing story would paint otherwise.
There shall be no advantage and every disadvantage in locating gambling on a border.
There shall be no cash permitted; all gambling disbursements must be trackable.

Steroids in Baseball
All inquiry must stop immediately.
All records remain -- tinged.
Now, there are new rules:
1. Clean bodies.
2. No gambling.
3. No purchase of sex.
4. Respect of womb.
5. Respect of children.
Penalties must be effective.

China is completing a transaction which US has already accepted.
There is no defeating the Chinese.
They are far advanced.
As we accept our painful view of and role in world reorganization,
China has more proficiently reorganized its renegade.

A womban must manage her eggs.
A womban produces, during a limited segment of life, a finite number of eggs,
a series of potential beings.
For every child that comes into being, others are denied.
In shelter, womban nurtures the child to independence,
and must chose which egg(s) fly,
and which eggs die.
GOD endows (trusts) her.
Even if she may regret her decision on one egg,
she produces more eggs,
new life in new children she wants, on her time, her way.
We must support her every freedom and power to mother.

Cleanliness is GODliness!


In the morning, i wash.  All is clean.

During the day, hands collect germs and unhealthy matter.

When i enter a relief room, i wash hands first, to keep all that is clean.

For optimum womban health, i must touch private regions only with clean hands.



2003 August 15

Rejoice all GOD's people. Now we KNOW!

Witness the completely CONSTRUCTIVE response

by New Yorkers to the loss of electricity 2003 August 14 around 5pm.

This represents the most significant turning point in the history of mammals!

Now we ALL sense and willingly share the collective nature of our destiny.

The individual instinct for self preservation has finally been located inferior to our cerebral understanding of our collective interdependence.  When we are challenged collectively, we respond with a focus on our common needs first, and our individual needs second.  We are attentive to our individual roles and focus on contributing to the LARGER effort, KNOWING, that the fate of the group includes the fate of the individual.

The result is of course eminently self-gratifying, life's greatest paradox!

Just as the evolutionary biological arising of the enzyme side-stepped the second Law of Thermodynamics and enabled life on this planet, the extraordinary social lesson now clearly ingrained in 50 million North Americans, represents an equally epochal triumph, granting our largest hope yet that Life GOD prevails.

On 8/14 the intent of the terrorist on 9/11 has cleanly been defeated!

We will not soon forget 9/11, but now let us forever celebrate 8/14!