2013 06 16 NYT:  intro the movie   Pandora's Promise

...asks whether the one technology we fear most could save our planet from a climate catastrophe, while providing the energy needed to lift billions of people in the developing world out of poverty.  Director Robert Stone's Statement

2012 06 11  NYT:  (that's progress!)

N.R.C. Nomination Shines Spotlight on Waste-Disposal Issue

For the first time, a geologist has been chosen to serve on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

2011 03 25  Post Japan Tsunami hysteria:  the cooler Pebble

2009 06 13  -- Our leader Obama is juggling many knives.  Fallout from the Global Financial Crisis GFC continues to unfold and recast our fate.  The same greedMonster endemic to the GFC is awaiting, in the Medical Industry, the audacity of hope that greedMon can be tamed.  But larger still is the challenge of our buildup of carbon waste CO2.  How can we produce less?

All concur, except Lynch, that it is senseless to

1.  fund our nightmare (global terrorism) in exchange for go-go foreign oil that

2.  pollutes our breath of life and suffocates Mother Earth. 

We realize electric go-go is cleaner than combustive go-go.  So the primary domestic challenge is generating electricity.  We are now generating electricity by inefficiently burning domestic coal.   This solves the first problem but augments the second.

We realize the power of Sun, our chunk of GOD, and envision a future in which our need for electricity is satisfied by GODsun, not by oxidizing carbon.  We are pursuing that vision.  It will take time.  In the short run, to produce electricity for delivery where it is needed is our most immediate concern.  Electricity is ephemeral, like light.  It is difficult to package, store, and move.  Petroleum is more storable and mobile.

Albeit requiring further study ...... the solution may be new-age co-generation.  The energy available in coal is a product of Sun stored many years in Earth.  China is rapidly deploying ever-more efficient coal-burning power plants to meet the demand we stimulate entering Wal-mart.  Responding to increasing pressure to burn coal more efficiently, Chinese are learning the value of heat in processing coal for a cleaner, more efficient result, including cleaner petroleum by-products.

By application of heat, less than combustion, fractional distillation of coal enables more control in unpackaging GOD's gift for more intelligent application to our immediate goals producing both electricity and more mobile petroleum products, domestically.

So, where do we get the heat?  We commonly, stupidly generate heat by stupidly combusting carbon.  We know better.  France is an example of a people intelligently producing heat by splitting atoms.  An atom is a more granular package of BANG, GOD.  Most of us are cognizant of the problem with nuclear energy.  Where to dispose of the radioactive waste?  But another formidable waste product of splitting the atom is heat.  That is why nuclear power plants sit on a river to chill the enormous heat output.  This, however, is not healthy for those dependent on the natural ecology of the un-heated river.

We solve the problems of managing waste from nuclear generation, while more effectively managing coal-based generation of electricity, a synergy that minimizes cost for production of both electricity and petroleum products.  By co-locating a nuclear power plant with a coal-based energy production plant, the waste product of the nuclear is harnessed to the optimum processing of coal, generating both efficient petroleum substitutes for foreign oil, and wonderful supply of electricity -- go-go.

Google "nuclear-coal cogeneration".  We would like to see more than 3 aberrant results.

Please advise your representatives.

While the Kentucky legislature admirably is funding exploration of carbon sequestration, we should think way outside the box, beyond gambling, at the rewards to Kentucky for stepping up to the plate and offer the most densely populous region of North America a complete energy solution.

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