2009 05 30  Harvard gets it!   http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/30/business/30oath.html?th&emc=th

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For those that don't get it, This world is different.
Now, after 4.6 billion years on this planet, we collectively are able to see the entire planet and realize, while it is vast, it is finite, and it is fragile. This is a new realization. We are suffocating in our collective individual greed and therefore need a new strategy:
The civil mind. Greed is a legacy inclination incompatible with evolutionary adaptation to a finite Mother Earth.

Upon further reading, since the issue has not been raised, what is implicit in comments from both sides is the central concept of TRUST.  As in Bank & Trust.  As in the diagnosis of the Global Financial Crisis, by most commentators:  The Loss of Trust.  The admirable Harvard student Oath is a preliminary set of precepts that, upon agreement within a (business) community, will engender Trust.  With trust, we have efficiency, economy, predictability, and thereby confidence.  Confidence must occur in all parties of each successful  business transaction.  Our mission this day in 2009, every day forward, is to restore trust in our business, especially financial, transactions.  It is not unexpected that "the smartest minds" would begin to figure this out.  They get it.  How bout U?

2009 02 15   EGG     Eliminate Greed Globally

Among commentary on the global financial crisis,

there is more confusion than clarity regarding the Problem and the Solution.

Responding to this confusion, clearly:

The Problem is legislative sanction of GREED.

The Solution is regulated encouragement

of the well-established movement evolving toward

social consciousness ascending and including self interest,

which facilitates constructive preemption of degradative GREED.

The pre-eminent example applicable to Wall Street today occurred more broadly than all of New York in 2003 August 14.

Witness the completely CONSTRUCTIVE response

by New Yorkers to the loss of electricity 2003 August 14 around 5pm.

This represents the most significant turning point in the history of mammals!

Now we ALL sense and willingly share the collective nature of our destiny.

The individual instinct for self preservation has finally been located inferior to our cerebral understanding of our collective interdependence.  When we are challenged collectively, we respond with a focus on our common needs first, and our individual needs second.  We are attentive to our individual roles and focus on contributing to the LARGER effort, KNOWING, that the fate of the group includes the fate of the individual.

The result is of course eminently self-gratifying, life's greatest paradox!

Just as the evolutionary biological arising of the enzyme side-stepped the second Law of Thermodynamics and enabled life on this planet, the extraordinary social lesson now clearly ingrained in 50 million North Americans, represents an equally epochal triumph, granting our largest hope yet that Life continues.

On 8/14 the intent of the terrorist on 9/11 has cleanly been defeated!

We will not soon forget 9/11, but now let us forever celebrate 8/14!