2012 07 15  NYT

California County Weighs Drastic Plan to Aid Homeowners

San Bernardino County, with some of the nation's highest foreclosure rates, may use eminent domain to buy up mortgages and cut them to the current value of the homes.


Above report is first observed confirmation of my 2008 proposal below.  There remains absence of Federal leadership and corresponding national malaise. 

Note:  below message is the initial response to the Global Financial Crisis, GFC.  The response evolved, apparent at that initial link and continuing.  After the 1st year of Obama's governance, most seem mindless of the potential to recover what is great about America:  De-centralization = re-Localization.  This is 50 united States!

Powerful Delusion           

2008 10 03   The folks in Washington are hoping to clean up their mess, by extending the mess !! 

Let us answer clearly in the tradition of Thomas Paine.

Before you drive us off the cliff, let us offer the concept of Reverse!!


The mess is:  we Americans have been fleeced; and we have no more blood to spare.


The unit of Life / Home is the Family.

In this blessed Nation, 5 bedrocks of the Family are:

1.     Motherhood

2.     Marriage

3.     Mail

4.     Money

5.     Mortgage

We Americans are grappling with the systematic desecration of these bedrocks by governmental negligence.  The cause? – in a single word GREED, an aspect of EVIL.  The focus today is Mortgage.


Greedy, Money-grubbing, financiers, lobbyists, Representatives, Senators, and the President’s Men are conspiring one last HAIL MARY,  a final fix on their cancerous addiction, before emperor George retires to his Crawfordsville reward.


Today, we celebrate our wiser Founding Fathers, and the diminishing light of Democracy that acted by GOD courageously on 2008 Sep 29 by valiant US Representatives on behalf of the many cries from Americans striving to keep their last pint of blood before it is sucked by Evil  and   d i s p e r s e d   globally, like our Mortgage, as dust into the cosmos.  (diminishing, because Senators subsequently voted to save AIG, overriding the House, at the expense of our homes.)


The solution is Get Local.    Re-Localize Mortgages

The founding and development of America was first an ugly destruction of the local reality discovered by Europeans:   enduring populations of humans on the (oldest) NorthAmerican tectonic plate.

After usurpation of local, native populations by misguided, cancerous human growth, a new foundation was established on European concepts of property, based on the rationale promulgated by 17th century Englishmen Thomas Hobbes and John Locke.  This rationale was incorporated in the foundation of Democracy on this planet:

The Fifth Amendment states:

Nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

The Fourteenth Amendment states:

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.


Let us be clear.  Take my home Mortgage, is to take my property, is to break my Family, is to take my LIFE.

Until about 1970, the Mortgage was Local and concomitantly Sacred.  The Mortgage holder (lender / mortgagee) was located near the property supporting the Home of the borrower / mortgagor, based on the concept of Equity of Redemption.  This time-honored principle of locality assured the most prudently managed result based on efficient communication and immediate awareness of reality.  Our Nation grew strong and became Liberty’s light.  The lender is interested in preserving the value of the property and assuring collection of receipts in exchange for enjoyment of the property in support of LIFE by the borrower, who develops the land, produces our food, manufactures our stuff, and fights our wars.

Some details are emerging accounting for the dis-Location of Mortgage by the rampant vine of GREED > financier / lobbyist / blackmail / government person > Law.  But we must reverse.  We must return to Local control.  Mortgage must not be securitized, i.e. fractured, and     d i s p e r s e d      globally.

To implement this Great Reverse to the Goodness of Mortgage is the challenge to our Government.  Any other solution simply extends the Evil.

Here is a simple strategy: 

Every Mortgage is based on a property at a location.  Every affected (securitized) property is located within a county of a state within these United States of America.  An appropriate, responsible role for the Federal Government, facilitating the Great Reverse is to supervise the reconnection of each affected property to a Local Lendor by the appropriate county official process.

It is an incredible Delusion of Washington Power to centralize remote control of my property !!!   any Property !!!!!

john r. schmidt, Master of Science

President, NCAD Corporation