2009 10 12

Opportunity knocks ... for a better world.

Reaction is diverse to the Nobel Peace Award.

Some have hinted on the correct response offered here.

1.  Few can argue that President Obama has indeed changed the tone of foreign policy.

a.  European leaders have migrated from Rumsfeld-maligned to appreciative, even admiring, but collaborative.

b.  N. Korean provocation diffused.

c.  Iran is attentive.

d.  Russia is constructive.

e.  S. America is willing.

f.  America is no longer beligerant.

2.  Nevertheless,

a.  America is mired in Iraq/Afganistan in the foreboding context of Iran/Pakistan, prosecuting Obama v Osama.

b.  Israel confirms the J.Carter portrayal.

c.  Muslims are skeptical.

Atop the olympic pyramid is the epochal O-duel - Obama v Osama.

There is no higher (not even the pope) global appraisal of intentions than the centurian tradition of the Nobel Peace Prize.  It was not offered Osama.