2010 05 28  10:57am

Tending the effusion of Mother Earth's dark blood.

While not an expert on the subject, claims that all such persons are attentive to the tragedy are not commensurate with the ongoing failure.

This is not rocket science.  Perhaps chimney science...

A one-mile casement is a challenge.  It would seem not insurmountable.

Produce a large, heavy funnel.

Let us say, based on complete ignorance, that the circle enclosing the extent of all said effusion is 10 meters.  This determines the largest diameter of said funnel, in excess of said extent to enable appropriate non-disruptive mooring outside of the pores of effusion. 

The smallest diameter may be computed by said experts, equal to the casement cylinders, each basically a uniform cylinder, self-assembling, perhaps with gaskets, based on conic taper at fitting ends.  The result is a segmented casement founded upon said funnel, inverted on the sea bed, aligned  by adjustable guy wires suitably anchored.

Said cylinders are guided into place by a central feed cable which is anchored centrally at the center of said largest diameter section of said funnel.  Said cable serves as a guide thread on which said cylinders are fed like beads from the surface until the resulting chimney attains the elevation required for adapting flu flow into either existing riser or continuing to storage vessels, from which i may pay for dispensations to run my lawn mower.

Endeavoring for less mow...


Master of Science