2005 Feb 24

(Unpublished by Enquirer)

Dear, dear Editor:
How can one editor be any more schizophrenic? The same editorial that cites the value of emission testing in decreasing poisons by 100,000 Tons, is headlined Dump the testing !!!
It is entirely cynical to force this discussion anytime other than during the summer months when the impact of pollution requires little imagination or call to science. More complete Science is reported at www.ncad.net News Save VET.
The fact is, in the 7-county greater Cincinnati area, Air is dangerously, poisonously un-healthy.
Our Air Quality is declared by US EPA to be in NonAttainment, i.e. over the limit of acceptable health standards, for the well-known harmful pollutants ozone and fine particulate matter PM2.5.
While vehicle testing should be improved to exempt most cars, please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!!
Air Quality around me while i am stuck in traffic is an entirely different (local) volume than the regional volume for which US EPA computes modeled, average numbers, based on inadequate air monitors.
After a decade of operation, we have adapted to vehicle testing such that percentage failure is low. If we remove the test, in another 10 years, combustion engine maintenance will decrease and air poisoning will increase. KY EPA states that removing testing in Northern Kentucky will result in 13 additional Tons of poison per summer day. After community-wide studies by Chambers, OKI, and state EPAs, there is no doubt that vehicle emission testing offers more bang for the buck towards healthier Air than any alternative program.
We must wait about 10 years for relief from bridge bottlenecks as the nation's commerce flows through our community. We cannot control outsider polluters; we must control the undisputed majority source, our cars.
Clearly, all vehicles do not require testing, so we must establish reasonable criteria minimizing useless testing. In any case, of all the taxes we pay, this, by far provides the best ROI -- 100,000 Tons of poison gone for $10/year!

Based on the just released 2004 U.Ky survey, we care about our Air and are willing to pay to keep it healthful.
"52% of Kentuckians who live in cities report that their air quality is either excellent or good." Therefore, 48% are not happy with the current state of our Air." Undoubtedly, time of year influences this report. Certainly education helps: "71% of those with graduate degrees said they would be willing to spend more for goods and services in order to protect the environment, compared to only 36% of those who did not finish grade school." So much more to learn.....
john r schmidt, M.S.
NCAD Corporation
463 Erlanger Rd
Erlanger, KY 41018-1427

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