Honorable Leaders:

The challenge is large.  Kentucky is the keystone mid-section of the great midwestern backbone of (relative) VIRTUE.

Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee form a national backbone defined by the I-75 spine.


Traveling this artery, i am continually amazed at the dearth of imagination, and opportunity lost in the dearth of possibilities to serve traveling citizens and visitors through our state.


Hint:  Gambling is not the answer.  Your obsession with gambling is blinding you to real, virtuous possibilities.




Hint:  The Horse Park is barely visible to a passing motorist.

Hint:  Toyota is invisible in NKy and in Georgetown to a passing motorist.

Hint:  The Covington 12th St Martin Luther King Boulevard to Madison Road spectacles is a commendable project.

Hint:  The I-275 intersect with I-71/75 is for sale / inspires me!

Hint:  What happened to the concept of a true Roadside Attraction, perhaps one based on what travelers really seek:  service, good food, health,...

Hint:  The best ideas are not necessarily held by the ones with the most money.


1. Gambling means Corruption.  Even NJ is concerned!

2. Proceeds tragically feed over-developed Las Vegas – (along with global warming) exacerbating water dehydration there.

3. Gambling diverts the Kentucky mission to sequester CO2.

4. Envisioned “proceeds”, in balance, are negative to the  soul of Kentucky -- the basis of our future well-being.

5. Gambling facilitates auxilliary enterprises of evil, e.g. pornography and prostitution.

6. Gambling contributes to the degradation of women and children, family and spirit. 

7. More souls lose than win.


101.   Gambling is a Federal Activity.

102.   Senators McConnell and Bunning, with Voinovich, and others, should pursue legislation:

A. It shall be unlawful to locate a Gambling Facility within 50 miles of a state border.

B. All gambling transactions should be auditable.  No cash transactions.


Honorable Leaders, your service to LEAD is so desparately needed.

The VIRTUE of Kentucky is at stake.


For a better world,



john r schmidt, Master of Science

President, NCAD Corporation   http://NCAD.net

Erlanger, KY 41018


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          eMoDo     http://eMoDo.net