2005 October 25

(under constant revision, welcoming your input)


While we cannot fathom the presumed context of infinite void, GOD.0,
in the Beginning, to which science can trace,
occurred the BIG BANG. GOD!!  GOD.1 (basis for First Law of Thermodynamics).

14,000,000,000 years later, the explosion continues,
following The Second Law of Thermodynamics, GOD.2.

Within the explosion, Sun is our chunk of GOD.1
4,600,000,000 years ago, Earth was formed,
a cooling, aggregate ember of GOD.1.

600,000,000 years ago, on Earth, arose Life, GOD.3.
Life is a temporary anomaly within GOD.2
fathomably complex, fascinating and knowable.

From Life arises Love, GOD.4.

Love is GOD
GOD is Love

My (wife, family, and community) is my closest contact with GOD.

My Love, GOD.4, seeks to facilitate Life, GOD.3.

GOD is All. GOD.n (including Evil)

Interestingly, with regard to Life,

it is the case that GOD.2 (the simplest) = Evil !

Dancing is Good.
Smoking is Evil.
(Arrangements resulting in Pornography) is Evil.

Evil is sometimes direct, as in Katrina,
and often subtly indirect, but always a consequence of The Second Law.

For Life to arise, and thrive, it is necessary to isolate Life from the impact of The Second Law.
We can do that increasingly well, but eventually, we die, faithful to GOD.2.


Prior Version 2003:

In the beginning was a BIG BANG = GOD.

Sufficient measurement unequivocally demonstrates that expansion from this de novo explosion continues, though the extent of GOD remains unknown, subject to improving techniques for measurement.

Explosion continues subject to the unbroken Laws of Thermodynamics:

1.  GOD is. There is a basically fixed set of mass+energy consequent to the BIG BANG, comprising GOD.

2.  GOD diminishes. Every change in the structure or movement of mass/energy occurs with a net decrease  in  mass+energy due to the release of heat, the least ordered form of mass/energy, which dissipates expansively beyond all mass and energy (Outer Space).

A burning ember of BANG, SUN, is our chunk of GOD. Another cooler chunk of GOD is Earth, our Home.

I am of Earth.

I am GOD.

You are GOD.

Everything that is is GOD.

In the course of the elaboration of BANG on Earth, life arose in the ocean as a result of chemical combinations in which order is accidentally achieved as a result of daily swings of energy input from SUN.  Carbon, in the form of CO2 was a readily-available substrate that under certain conditions of heat and light combine to form molecules with C-C chains with one or two Oxygen atoms at one end while the other is captured by Hydrogen atoms represented as CH3. These Carbon-based precursors evolved to longer C-C chains (typically 14-22 in current living systems) termed fatty acids, having at one end CH3 and at the other COOH. The CH3 end is not reactive with H20 while the COOH end is attracted to and reactive with H20. This established a polarity with regard to orientation in space such that the CH3 ends clustered together inwardly while the larger, reactive COOH ends oriented outwardly "engaged" with the predominant medium of H20 in the ocean.

Additional combinations eventually coalesced into a spherical membrane, the precursor to the living cell. This defined a protected Inside from the oceanic Outside. Many combinations formed and many of these perished. But some survived the early Earth conditions resulting in proteins formed inside of the spherical membrane. Millions of years of combinations and splits forming, unforming, re-forming within the environment of the stabilized temperate environment (heat sink) of the ocean resulted in the living cell.  Millions more years of this trial-and-error chemistry resulted in the mechanics of cell division. Now the cork is out of the bottle!  Life begins. The greatest chemical magic of Life is the enzyme. A chemical reaction occurs in the presence of an enzyme that will not otherwise occur based on the second law of Thermodynamics.  Life succeeds within the constraints imposed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics!

Each of us today represent an unbroken line of successful cell divisions since the beginning. Only those of us who do not reproduce represent terminal branches of the Tree of Life.

I am a bag of chemicals, a Bag of BANG!  The bag is my skin. The chemicals of and within my skin are neatly organized into (1) cells and (2) the lingering oceanic fluid outside the cells generally termed the extra-cellular space (ECS). The ECS is divided into ducted and un-ducted spaces. The continuous, unducted space is immediately outside the cell. Internal skin cells provide the structure for ducting fluid within the ECS such as blood, lymph, and urine--all variations of extra-cellular fluid (ECF) and all variations of the current composition of ocean.

Each cell of me, like me, has a scheduled existence and performs functions which when assembled with all other cells of me make me. This marvel has adapted to Earth and exists for years possibly reproducing for continuation of individual life. Some types of cell like skin or gut have a short life and correspondingly reproduce often. Other types of cell like nerve or brain have a long life and never reproduce.

Cells exist in colonies, called tissue. Tissue is the fabric of structure (bones and fiber) and function (organs). Cells survive in the context of their ECS. Each cell is an active, directed organism with inputs, outputs, and waste. When deprived of sufficient inputs or access to ECF for waste, the delicate balance of the miraculous continuation of the cell may be tipped resulting in death of the cell.   When a cell dies, a neighbor in the tissue responds to the loss by reproducing, filling the void.

Reproduction is an enormously detailed chain of delicately timed events requiring perfect chemistry inside and outside the cell and controlled by perfect chemistry deep in the brain of the cell called the nucleus, home of DNA. When voids appear faster and faster in tissue as cells die, some components of neighborly reproduction may go awry leading to uncontrolled reproduction -- tumor. Some types of tumor are unretractable resulting in cancer. It is not so much that cancer spreads, it is that conditions for tumor (local cell death coupled with uncontrolled neighborly reproduction) spread.

I am 70% water. It is the ocean in which i live. Dehydrated i weigh 57 pounds. Water is the medium of Life.

The basis for reproduction is the genetic code in the nucleus. Sequences of DNA direct the formation--from simple food components--of complex fats, sugars, and proteins which bend and twist into the formations of cells. These DNA sequences have been developing for hundreds of millions of years and were formed to succeed in an environment not including "artificial" chemicals now common in our food, water, and air. The result of these "alien" chemicals in our bag cannot reliably be predicted in all circumstances, but a good strategy is to minimize the input and maximize the elimination of such "contaminants" to life.


is a perhaps shared set of principles and derived guidelines for behaving.

Religion is based on an understanding of GOD, and serves to guide the individual and group.

Evil is founded in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, consistent with the inevitability of death.

While GOD is EVERYTHING, including good and evil, it is common to apply our use of the term GOD to that which is aligned with GOOD, equivalent to the tendency to live -- what we value most.

The following unfinished list of heuristics, in no particular order, collectively point to a religion while attempting to describe it:

Cleanliness IS GODliness. Cleaning is part of the process to clearly separate inside the cell from outside. Dirt is that which is not a part of a living system. What heat is to energy, dirt is to mass. It is the least organized form of mass and is anathema to life. For a living system we use the term waste to describe unusable, unwanted, lower-organized forms of mass. Clearance of waste is important to enable the flow of life.

Dance is the opposite of Death.  Based on the abilities of limbic motions, one may define a spheroid of reach within which the index finger (for example) may locate. A useful goal of dance is to direct the entire body to make contact with every location within the spheroid while perhaps aligning the motions to the patterns in music.

What goes around comes around. Living Systems are Interdependent. In order to live i must be nourished and protected from the anarchy of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. I depend on others to produce the food for my nourishment and to maintain a safe environment. I endeavor to contribute to the support of the environment i share with others. Every decision i make, and consequential action, has an impact on my environment and others sharing it. The decision may always be directed by answering the question: What is best for increasing the probability of Life for all?