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Honorable President Huckabee, and others who care,


I have been self-employed, small-business operator for 40 years.  My business is a vehicle for providing my service for a better world.  I have no greed.  I want a better world.


The issue of taxes is the most important because this fix simplifies most other problems, and we owe President Huckabee much admiration for enabling greater exposure of Fair Tax legislation pending in the House of Representatives.   The Fair Tax book addresses many questions simplistically.


But any discussion of taxes must go beyond DOLLARS.  Most understand that the basis for hope rests in the hands of creative, industrious, self-sacrificing Americans who want a better world.  Job creation increasingly obtains from small business enterprise.  Although i recently completed development of a complete accounting system NacTax based on Microsoft Excel to make all Local, State, and Federal tax computations automatic, not everyone has the time or capability to achieve that.  I did that after years of agony, grudgingly confronting bewildering, fine print, stupid, contradictory forms written and revised annually by people with no sense of governmental fundraising coherency applicable to working 18 hours a day to make a small business work. 


Folks, we small business operators do not have TIME to process the infinite complexity of accounting and tax form completion.  The issue is TIME.  I would gladly pay twice my final tax bill if i could just know the answer -- HOW MUCH IS MY INCOME? -- without the agonizing trek through the bizarre uncertainty characterizing accounting related to tax computation -- at the expense of my service to my world!!! 


Like, i say, after 40 years, i have it all figured out.  And i am glad to share it; but the relationship of every citizen to the ungodly tax system is UNIQUE, so there may be some charge for customization!


But think of the many good-spirited Americans who just want to serve with their unique, GOD-given capabilities, freely -- not crippled by fine trip-wires planted across our path at every level of government.  President Huckabee is the only candidate who understands this.  Yes, there are details of implementation.  As a retailer of products and service, I have been a ward of the states collecting sales tax funds in behalf of government (another burden, with only token "compensation" for my hours doing that).  But folks, it is really very straight-forward math: .23 * $120 (price) = 27.6 (tax).  No research / interpretation / judgment needed. 


So, we simply need to learn the Fair Tax, offer our improvements, address our concerns, perfect the simplicity, and become the ambassadors of truth, liberty, and the American Way.  And GOD bless you President Huckabee for his courage in taking on the IRS establishment defended by every other candidate.  http://fairTax.org.



john r schmidt, Master of Science

President, NCAD  Corporation  http://ncad.net


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