2009 02 06

This morning around 09:16 EST, NPR's Andrea Seabrook commiserated the absence of Earmarks in the impending fiscal stimulus.


This best illustrates the bias, confusion and arrogance of Washington DC  commentators.


Equating the unaccounted Bush TARP bailout (an unprecedented, central grab of citizen blood) with the diffusion of decision-making that is the alternative to centrally-defined Earmarks, is confusion based on Washington DC arrogance.


The epic battle, while global consciousness strives to keep pace with centralizing control of global resources, is the struggle between local control and central control.


Globalization without Localization is as we see Degradation.

AIG is the epitome of centralization -- sucking local blood like a tick bigger than the poor dog trying to pull the American sled.

There is profound wisdom in the blade of grass among its peers making a prairie meadow.