2007 12 31


Having participated in 2006 chamber-sponsored meetings focused on the Brent Spence Bridge, and being a dedicated "River straddler", I want to commend NKy candidate Dan Wolf for his position reported today. [B front page “Candidates a bridge apart”] 


The BSB is at the center of the most populous region of western civilization.  http://ncad.net/BSB_NA.pdf  provides a picture of the 800-mile radius, East of the 100 meridian, including more than 2/3 of the North American population.  The Cincinnati MSA uniquely extends over 3 states.  Each yellow dot represents 1000 of us.  This Bridge serves all of us and it is clearly a federal responsibility to assure safe, effective travel through this transshed, a term i coined last year, analogous to watershed.


I would further encourage us to finally comprehend the federal responsibility in management of interstate gambling.  Unless you are Pollyanna, gambling means corruption.  No state shall be permitted to locate a black hole of gambling within 50 miles of a state border.  Similarly, no pollution emitter shall be permitted to blow smoke across the downwind state boundary.


Senator Voinovich understands this.  I am waiting for tri-state leaders to join him to alleviate the pressure on Kentucky to “join the fray”, breaking the mid-continent spine of (relative) decency defined by the I-75 corridor served by the BSB, including Ohio, KY, and Tennessee, which is (relatively) free of black-hole gambling.



john r schmidt, Master of Science

President, NCAD Corporation   http://NCAD.net   


Computer Engineering focused on Geospatial Integrative Service providing Wintel computing and Cisco networking.