130906  Crestview Hills, KY  Dixie Heights H.S.

4th District US Representative Thomas Massie reported Washington activities and responded to questions, in an event sponsored by NKYTeaParty.org.

john read this message, (shared in print with Congressman Massie, Matt Bevin, and 5 other attendees), interrupted briefly by the microphone manager:


Syria, by all its geoPolitical entanglements (Iran, Russia, and the cool Chinese), represents for us the greatest risk in world history, of truly incalcuble expense.

However atypical is the mix representing typical bi-partisan divide,

 -- do we bomb or not

there is, in fact, a middle way.


That is – non-destructive advance.


Now in the steepest rise in technological capability and its democratization, especially well-discussed as a result of the Snowden revelaltions,

we may offer the world peaceful observation of Syria,

and perhaps even gain grateful cooperation with world leaders,

all who are served by re-assuring oversight of Assad-driven activities.


Take the money operating our battleShips and building our missiles,

improve our surveillance,

and buy, distribute, and operate

for every Syrian

an iPhone. 

We can only make friends.




Closer to home is our confrontation of National imperative by principally a local community. 


The last sentence, postscript, originally the introduction to http://NationalFreedomBridge.com, was usurped by what john felt to be more immediate and higher priority.